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Guinea-Bissau is a country in Africa which borders Guinea and Senegal. Guinea-Bissau since independence from Portugal in 1975. The capital of Guinea-Bissau Bissau. A number of large cities in Guinea-Bissau: Tombali, Quinara, Oio, Bolama and Cacheu. In addition to the mainland Guinea-Bissau also has a group of islands called the Bijagóseilanden.

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Holiday in Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau is known for Bijagóseilanden where you can visit two national parks. In these parks life include manatees, hippos, otters, turtles and crocodiles. There will also be a year about 700,000 migratory birds to these islands. On these islands you will find the best beaches of Guinea-Bissau. You come to Guinea-Bissau many cashewstruiken against. These produce cashew nuts that provide the bulk of exports. Furthermore, the country is known for its woodcarvings.

Climate in Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau has a tropical climate. The temperatures are throughout the year between 25 and 35 degrees.

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