Things to do - general
Country Brasil
Visa requirementsIf you have a Dutch nationality, would not need a visa
Languages spokenPortuguese
Currency usedBraziliaanse real (BRL)
Area (km2)8.514.877 km²

Sports & nature

Football The most popular and widely spread sport in Brazil is, undoubtedly, football (or soccer). This is especially appropriate as Brazil will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. This means millions of football fans from all over the world flooding into this South American country in the hopes of seeing their favourite team take the coveted title of world champions. A number of well-known football players and world-renowned teams hail from this country. Just some of the popular players are Pelé, Ronaldo, Adriano, Kaká, and Ronaldinho.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Lapa Rio de Janeiro Nightlife Lapa was the old bohemian quarter, and now serves as the hub for bars, clubs and unwinding. Kick back and sink some beers in the happening clubs, there's always something happening here amongst Brazil's lively locals.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

Colonial Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil Colonial) comprises the period from 1500, with the arrival of the Portuguese, until 1815, when Brazil was elevated to a kingdom alongside Portugal as the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. During the early 300 years of Brazilian colonial history, the economic exploitation of the territory was based first on brazilwood extraction (16th century), sugar production (16th–18th centuries), and finally on gold and diamond mining (18th century). Slaves, especially those brought from Africa, provided most of the working force of the Brazilian economy. In contrast to the neighboring fragmented Spanish possessions, the Portuguese colony, built up by the Portuguese in Latin America, kept its territorial unity and linguistic integrity after independence, giving rise to the largest country in the region.Culture and history image
Golden Tulp Regente, Rio de Janeiro,  Brasil

Golden Tulp Regente, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This hotel Rio de Janeiro it is in In front of Copacabana the beach the establishment is 3 kilometre More info

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