Portugal is a southern European country with a rich history, fascinating culture, varied landscapes and pristine nature. Not for nothing, Portugal is a popular holiday destination; though tourism is late begun. Portugal has an area of 91.982 km2, is 650 kilometers long and up 200 kilometers wide. The country has 10.707.984 residents, which almost 3 million live in Lisbon and suburbs. Madeira and the Azores archipelagos which belong to Portugal.

Portugal cities and resorts
After Lisbon, Oporto and Faro are other major cities in Portugal. Faro Airport is the popular holiday region Algarve. In the Algarve the main resorts are located as Albufeira, En Lagos Rock Beach. The beach resorts along the Algarve are characterized by a beautiful rocky coastline with beautiful beaches.

Tourism is an important source of Portugal. Holidays and travel but came late going to Portugal. The British discovered in the 30s and the beautiful beaches of the Algarve’s pleasant climate. Since then wintered there and there are many people with second homes along the Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal. Each year about 10 million people for holidays Portugal, business trips or city breaks. This means an annual doubling of its population. Lisbon is the main destination for city breaks.

Natural Portugal – North
Nature in Portugal, where the north is known! There are many parks with rugged mountains, forests, rocks, waterfalls and rivers.

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres (Minho)
In this varied nature do the old villages with shepherds, farmers with ox carts and smoky smithies to medieval. The rich flora and fauna of the park thanks to the fact that most of the rain falls here in Portugal. But because of the fresh air, the beautiful views and the rural landscapes, is walking here is really a pleasure! In the southern part contains many archaeological sites next to forests and high plateaux. Northeast of Cabril you see ancient ruins, waterfalls, a perfectly preserved mountain village, mountains and vistas!

Natural Park Alva (Tras-os-Montes)
This relatively small park, west of Vila Real, is one of the best kept secrets in Northern Portugal. The park has a varied flora and fauna and fascinating villages surrounded by granite peaks. Of 300 meter high ‘Fisgas the Ermelo waterfalls are the main attraction in the park.

Montesinho Natural Park (Tras-os-Montes)
This park consists of granite massifs with charming villages, which lie in the deep valleys. The park is at its best in spring, when the cherries- and walnut trees are in bloom. Bragança is the natural starting point for this park.

Douro International Natural Park (Tras-os-Montes part)
A large part of this park runs along the Douro River with its huge gorges. The cliffs are hidden- and breeding ground for many endangered raptor species. Further west the park gets a Mediterranean atmosphere with olives- in walnotenboomgaarden. In the south of the park grow the grapes where the Port wine is made.

Douro International Natural Park (Douro deel)
Buçaco is a magical place which partly forest and partly arboretum (collection of planted trees of various species) exists. The collection of trees for centuries expanded by explorers. In the forest you can find more trails, kapellen in kluizenaarsgrotten. The best vantage point is Cruzalta (545 m.).

Food and drink
Like all other southern Europeans, Portuguese take ample time to eat. Between 12.30 pm and 14.30 hours by the Portuguese is extended lunch and between 19.30 pm and 22.30 hours they dedicated themselves to dinner. However Breakfast is often only a strong cup of coffee with possibly a sweet bread.

Portuguese cuisine is known for its excellent cooked fresh fish, shellfish. There are also delicious meat dishes aside from beef, lam varken, poultry and wants. Some specialty of Portuguese cuisine are Cozido á Portuguesa, a tasteful mix of different meats cooked together, sausages and vegetables, Cod (salted cod) where you can experience different righteous Caldeirade scholtel of different types of fish. Meat, chicken piri pirir, Sweet rice, a dessert of sweet rice pudding with cinnamon, cara pudding made of flour and condensed milk. In short, in Portugal you can enjoy good food in every corner. Portugal also stands in the world’s top ten wine producers. With each dish there is therefore to find a suitable wine.

Portugal has a temperate climate. The temperatures are in the winter months around the 15 degrees in the summer months around the 35 degrees.