São Tomé and Principe

Great destination for the adventurer

The west coast of Africa lies the archipelago of São Tomé and Principe. The group consists of six islands, Ilha do Pricipe, Ilhia Bombom, Ilhia Caroço, Ilhia das Cabras, Ilhia São Tomé, Ilhia Das Rolas) which Sao Tome is the largest. The islands are mountainous and volcanic. The soil is fertile, where the population in the past made use of by it to grow sugar. Later, a large part of the income of the population of coffee and cocoa plantations. Unfortunately, 18 percent of the population lives today still without running water and medical assistance scarce.

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Holidays Saotome and Principe However, there are facilities for travelers, especially adventurers, divers and seasoned hikers can indulge. There are a few luxury resorts like Pousada das Grarcas, Pousada do Cais villa etc.

Climate Saotome and Principe At sea level, the climate is tropical hot and humid with an average annual temperature of about 27 ° C and the little daily variation. The temperature rarely rises above 32 ° C. On the inside of the higher areas, the average annual temperature is 20 ° C and the nights are generally cool. Annual rainfall ranges from 5000 mm in the southwest slopes of up to 1,000 mm (39.4 inches) in the northern lowlands. The rainy season runs from October to May.

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