For everyone something to do on this amazing Island. Cape Verde is an island in West Africa,  South of the Canary Islands, with ten islands which one is uninhabited. Each island has beautiful white beaches. And the water is so clear that you can even see the fish swimming. How beautiful is that? Santiago is my island. The capital of cape Verde is Praia, a city on the largest island  ‘Santiago’. The most famous islands for tourists at this time are Boa Vista and Sal. These islands attract many tourists. But there are more islands where tourists don’t know much about. Such as the island Santiago. This island is the most modern island of Cape Verde. The maritime museum for example is located on this island and many other musea. There is also a nice large market called “Assomada”. You can visit it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can find there everything you want. Fresh fish, vegetables, meat, herbs, fabric, fashion, accessories, etc. You can compare the market with the Hague market in the Netherlands.


Ready for more ? There are a large number of beautiful parks you can visit, with more than 124 species of plants scattered about the island of Santiago. Serra Malagueta is one of the parks with all kind of differents plants. Also you can spend a lovely day at the most famous beach Tarrafal with an exciting book, magazine, or writing an article. On the beach you can taste the regularly fresh coconut water drink. On this area are different kind of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals. If you want to spend a few days on the beach ? That is not a problem, there are many hotels and apartments to found.  Shortly, you can do anything on this islands so you can see. Like visiting the market, a nature park, museums, join a festival and dance.

Most popular Islands for tourists: Sal, Boa vista and So Vicente ->
On these islands you can enjoy a beach vacation, surfing, diving, shopping. And there are several playgrounds, swimming pools and club for kids in hotels. Also, you can take a stroll through the park, enjoy some tropical drinks and delicious food. Twenty four hours or day seven days or weeks, there is always something to do on these islands. Don’t forget to make a tour on these beautiful islands there is so much to see.

Are you planning make a trip tis summer to the Cape Verde,  dont forget to visit the island São Vicente. The island from the Dutch television programme “at all the end ´, from season two ´. In the first or second week of August there is a three days festival “Baia das Gatas” with artists from various countries. This festival takes place every year and this year is the 34th Edition. TIP: book your airline tickets and hotel/apartment in advance, because in this period it is very busy on the island. On the most famous beach in the city of Mindelo Laginha you can relax after a busy weekend/day. Did you want to relax out of town please visit the praia de Matiota.

The islands Brava, Sao Antão, São Nicolao.
On this islands you can make a trip for a nature walk and mountain climbing. In Sao Antão you can have a diving holiday to see beautiful colored fish and sunlight on the water. Do you love nature, then are these islands really an optionFogo: On the island Fogo is the volcano. Again you can make a beautiful walk and mountaineering. This island is known for its grapes and tea plant.

Menu’s in Cape Verde:

All types of fish and sea fruits are eaten daily. You can also order chicken. But fish are the most favorites.

Cachupa: a meal with corn and various beans, meat/fish.

Coscu:  corn dish that is eaten in the morning or afternoon.
Various-beans whit meat.

Quizado:  Court of green banana, sweet potatoes and casava.  Rice is eaten by this kind of meals.

Drinks:  one of the most famous drink of Cape Verde is crogo. This rum is made from sugar ride and has a very high alcohol content. On the island Sao Antão, people made the best cogro.

Faith: Catholic

Climate: Cape Verde’s climate is tropical, it is warm throughout the year. December till March it is a bit foggy, you can hardly see the sun may these days. July till August is the raining season there for also sowing period of beans and corn. October to June is the dry season also the warmest period with plenty of sunshine and it is everywhere very green. In this period you can really enjoy the nature on Cape Verde, the rainy season is over, the beans and corn thrive on and it is throughout the country green.

Do you enjoy beach holidays, surfing, nature, mountain climbing, seafood, fine dining party, tropical music which you can swing, then Cape Verde is the Island for you!

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